Our wedding party

Laura, maid of honor
Laura is Amanda's "little" sister. Laura and Amanda have been through most of life's challenges together, and are blessed to have maintained a close relationship all of these years. Laura has seen Amanda through various stages of life, and has been a constant source of support and encouragement.  Laura defended her PhD through the University of Washington School of Public Health in November of last year, and has recently moved to Philadelphia to complete a postdoctoral research fellowship. She is excited to explore her new city, and we are all glad to have her back on the east coast! Laura has carried on the DeMaster musical tradition, and has become an amazing banjo player!  Amanda is proud to have her by her side on her wedding day, as well as for every day of their lives! 
Rebecca, bridesmaid
Rebecca is one of Amanda's oldest and closest friends. They have known each other since they were 3 years old, where they were introduced at a church camp that both of their parents attended. Rebecca and Amanda have been though a lot together- from church plays, Indian Princess camps, and recreational soccer games, to high school track meets and prom nights. Rebecca and Amanda were college roommates for 4 years at NC State, where they enjoyed trips to the mountains, local music and concerts, and just about anything that involved a road trip! Rebecca has always been there for Amanda- visiting just about anywhere life has taken her. Rebecca and her husband Brian are both engineers in the Charlotte area. They have taught us how to enjoy a beautiful day out on Lake Norman!
Rachel, bridesmaid
Rachel and Amanda have been friends since their days at Apex Middle School. Rachel and Amanda were both very involved in various clubs throughout high school, and also played on several soccer teams together.  Rachel has been a constant source of support through the years. She is always ready to lend a listening ear, or delve into a thought provoking conversation about the meaning of life. Rachel is a very successful pharmaceutical sales woman, who somehow manages a busy job and still makes time for her wonderful family. Her amazing husband Mike stays home and cares their 2 adorable children- Guenther and Bayly. Rachel and Mike live just outside of Atlanta with their kids, and sweet dog Lulu.They make the trip back to NC to visit family and friends often, so we get to visit with them as often as we can. 
Liz, bridesmaid
Liz and Amanda have known each other since freshman year in high school. They also were in several clubs and soccer teams together. Liz can always be counted on for being prepared, organizing a great event, and always being a phone call away in times of need.  Liz also lived in Raleigh during Amanda's four years in vet school at NC State, which allowed Amanda a good escape from the challenges and stress of veterinary school!  Liz is a 3rd Grade teacher in Raleigh, and is greatly loved by every student she has ever taught. Liz and her husband Travis got married 2 years ago, and are in the process of looking for the perfect new house in Raleigh. They recently adopted an adorable black lab puppy. We are very proud of them for being such good puppy parents!
Zoe, bridesmaid
Zoe and Amanda first met in middle school, when Zoe moved to Apex from the north. They became close friends throughout high school-again playing on numerous soccer teams and attending many club meetings together. Zoe finished her undergraduate degree at NCSU, which allowed Amanda and Zoe to spend time enjoying all that Raleigh has to offer. Zoe is a constant source of positive energy- she brings the life to every party, is always sure to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves and provides constant enthusiasm to everyone around her. Zoe is the director of sales for her company, traveling all over the country and world. Zoe and her husband Keith live just outside Charlotte, with their adorable black labs. Zoe and Keith love to stay active- running local triathlons and road races. 
Sarah, bridesmaid
Sarah and Amanda met in high school, when Sarah moved down south with her family from New York. They too played on the same recreational soccer team for several years. Sarah and Amanda traveled together throughout Europe for 2 weeks, just after Amanda graduated from veterinary school. Sarah is now the Vice President of Human Resources for her company, and currently lives in Munich, Germany. Her company sends her all over the country and world to handle important HR issues, so we try to catch her for a visit whenever she is in or around North Carolina. Sarah is the one to go to if you need help with just about anything- resume writing, trip planning, and of course wedding planning! She is always willing to lend a helping hand. 
Amanda G., bridesmaid
Amanda G. and Amanda D. met 3 years ago, when Amanda D. joined a small animal practice in Denver, NC where Amanda is also a veterinarian. Amanda G. completed her veterinary school training at The Ohio State University, the same year that Amanda D. graduated. She has become a close friend and has been a tremendous support as we both grow and learn in our careers as veterinarians. Amanda G and her fiancé Michael are also getting married this fall in Asheville, so we have all traveled this wedding planning journey together! They have also become our road race partners, fellow beer connoisseurs, and dog bar buddies. Amanda and Michael have 3 dogs, who have the important job of entertaining our dog Jasmine on many occasions!
Aaron Rosen - best man
Aaron has known John since 8th grade in Pittsfield, Maine.  They became dear friends in highschool and have remained close ever since, despite traveling the globe.  He is a fellow "Maine-iac" (home state of Maine, with family still living there).  He lives in Cambridge, England, where he is a talented professor at University of London (King’s College London).  His wife, Carolyn, is also from the USA, but fell in love with England (and Aaron!) where she is currently working on her PhD at University of London prior to starting training towards becoming an Anglican priest.
Mike Ammermon - groomsman
A previous roommate for 4 years, and great friend from veterinary school at the University of Georgia, Mike is a native of West Virginia.  They've been friends since John called to ask him "do you drink beer?" on the day they moved in together at the start of vet-school (they hadn't actually met each other yet, but it all worked out, as they toasted over some delicious fermented grains).  He and his wife, Myra (also a classmate from UGA), are veterinarians who live near Myra's family in Pembroke Georgia (near Savannah) with their lovely daughter, Adelyn.
Sean Adams – groomsman
Another close friend from veterinary school at UGA, Sean grew up in Alamo, Georgia.  He is currently finishing up a radiology residency at Colorado State University (College of Veterinary Medicine).  Sean was a class officer (President) with John (who was the VP) in vet-school, so aside from working closely together during the 4 years of vet school, they hung out frequently having philosophical discussions or intense study all-nighters.  Sean lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Trisha.
Chip Lobeck - groomsman
A vet-school classmate of John (and Sean and Mike), Chip has been a close buddy since he was a lab partner (with John and Mike) in the intensive anatomy class during 1st year of vet-school.  Chip is a small animal veterinarian too, and lives just north of Atlanta, in Canton Georgia.  He and his wife Emilie, a pharmacist who also graduated from UGA, have a wonderful son named Sullivan.
Michael Lewandowski - groomsman
While John has known Michael for only about 2 years, he (and his fiance Amanda G., also in the wedding party) have become two of our very close friends.  They live about 15 minutes away from John and Amanda.  Michael grew up in Chicago, and after working as a teacher (among other things), currently works as a financial services consultant.  He introduced John to the Charlotte charity group, Guys With Ties, of which they are both active members.  His fiancé Amanda G. (details above), is a veterinarian who works in the same practice as Amanda D.  Michael and Amanda will also be getting married in Asheville (we considered doing our weddings as a big group!).
Mason Sibley - ring-bearer
A beautiful boy, Mason is the son of Alicia and Sam Sibley.  Alicia and Sam have been dear friends of John since their days as college students at Cornell University.  They both live in Madison Wisconsin.  Alicia also went to vet-school at UGA, and works as an emergency veterinarian in Madison Wisconsin, where she, Sam, Mason, and their youngest child Tyler live.
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